Talent Strategist & Performance Coach

Paul is an experienced organizational leader with a rich background in media and content creation. He is recognized for his skills in performance coaching, brand building and strategic planning. Around the boardroom table he is respected for his candor, clarity and unconventional perspective.

Originally from England, Paul spent a decade in the UK leading brand and content strategies and was announced as one of the industry’s 30 Under 30. In 2012 Paul relocated to Canada and joined Newcap Radio leading brand development, content strategy and operations in Calgary and Vancouver. He was promoted to the corporate team serving as National Director – Talent Development tasked with improving performance across all content teams and leading talent acquisition.

In 2016, Paul joined Rogers where he is Vice President, Product and Talent Development tasked with supporting radio and digital teams to improve and innovate products/brands nationwide across all formats and ensuring the business delivers on its strategic plans.

Paul has worked with individuals and teams on a variety of consultancy and coaching projects. He has coached executives on their personal and professional development, worked with organizations to improve systems and advised business leaders on strategy across a variety of industries.