The Talent Lab. offers two distinct services to it’s partners…



The Talent Lab. offers executive coaching and mentoring to individuals who want to maximize their potential and reach their goals. We support you in your personal and professional development.  Helping you identify growth areas, overcome obstacles and achieve more.  We have coached and mentored Executives, Managers and Talent in the United Kingdom, Canada, the Middle East and USA



The Talent Lab. can also partner with you in a consultancy capacity to aid you in achieving your goals.  We counsel our partners on key strategic issues and help business leaders make more informed decisions.  We’re focused on supporting you to improve the performance of your business. A clear vision upfront compounded with a powerful business plan is the most important pillar to having a successful business; we help with establishing the foundations and then support our partners on realizing the plan.


The Talent Lab. is excited to partner with you on your growth.  We’d welcome the opportunity to bring our clarity, creativity and perspective to your project.